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Have you been thinking about planting some trees at your Residence or Commercial site?  There are few things more inviting than lovely, well-kept trees. Tree Planting not only will beautify your property, but substantially increase its financial value, as much as 15%or more. Other excellent benefits trees provide are:

Trees help conserve energy while cutting cooling costs

Trees also save energy during winter months, breaking the force of cold north winds.

Carbon dioxide is removed from the air by trees, therefore helping to reduce global warming

Trees keep the air more clear by producing oxygen through respiration

Beautiful songbirds make their homes in trees

Whatever the season, neighborhoods and homes are much more appealing and homey with trees.


Whatever your particular reasons are for tree planting, you'll be sure to have many years of memories and happy times-shady spots for outdoor reading, shade for an impromptu picnic, and just seeing the grace and loveliness of birds and colors through the decades
Tampa Tree Service understands and shares the enthusiasm people have when choosing new trees for their landscape.  We began our company with the desire to help our customers choose, plant, transplant, and maintain their trees to get the most enjoyment and value from them.
The "Tampa Arborist" page discussed some of the pitfalls that occur when trees are having to compete with sidewalks, concrete, driveways, etc. for the necessary nutrients and water they require. The wisest course is to call Tampa Tree Service and enlist the assistance of a seasoned Arborist who is familiar with all Florida tree species and trees not native to Florida. They can assess the amount of space you have available for trees and recommend the varieties that will be best suited to your Landscape and desires, and the type soil you have. Your family will find the whole process very pleasant and exciting when your trees are selected by you and planted by us. Tampa Tree Service takes all the guesswork out of tree planting and will ensure your trees flourish in their new environment!

Tampa Tree Service has access to the most select nurseries who are also dedicated to their craft. You can choose from smaller trees to enjoy watching the entire growth process over the years, or choose a larger specimen for more instant impact.

This small Oak will grow to become a wonder that will cause admiration for many years. Oaks are such majestic trees, they are an asset to any property and neighborhood.
Tampa Tree Service doesn't just plant the trees and disappear. You will want to have scheduled maintenance for your tree investments to keep them healthy and thriving.

Nurturing is a great way to express the care Tampa Tree Service Arborists and Certified Tree workers bring to your trees.
Whether you choose one tree or have space for several varieties, they will receive the unsurpassed care from professionals who genuinely care about the work they do. Your successful, gorgeous trees gives us satisfaction and pride. As stated before, our goal is to tend to your valuable trees and Landscaping for life!
Many enjoy having their favorite citrus tree in their yard. Like any vegetable or fruit-homegrown just has more flavor! any species of citrus trees flourish here in the Tampa area and Tampa Tree Service can regularly examine your trees to ensure they are not developing any type disease or insect invasion. They may occasionally benefit from pruning as well. This attention to your trees enable the tree to respond by producing abundant fruit of high quality and taste for decades.
There are also species of nut trees that do well here, and berry bushes-all fresh from your backyard! As well as edible producers there are numerous Crape Myrtles for vibrant, long-lasting color during long summers. Some Maples and Oaks have breath-taking leaf colors during the fall, Elms, Pine, Cedar, Dogwoods for fabulous spring color-select your favorites and your family will have the old-fashioned fun of growing and eating your own fruits, berries, and nuts!

Everyone of these trees is gorgeous and an asset to any Landscaping scheme. Spring dogwoods, glorious maples in fall, the loveliness of trees laden with healthy fruit-pretty palms, it is just part of our nature to grow things and enjoy their fruitage. Tampa Tree Service will start your trees out in the proper location of your yard, carefully plant them and keep them healthy. You will love the way beautiful trees you've picked out furnish so much in fruit, nuts, shade, grace, and elegance throughout every season, year after year.

Transplanting Trees is another service we specialize in. Just because you have moved to a new area, doesn't necessarily mean you have to leave favorite trees behind. If there is a tree or trees your family would love to bring along to the new home, Tampa Tree Service will make it happen!Transplanting a tree, especially a sizable tree, is a very delicate process and many elements should be taken into consideration to ensure the move is successful. Of course, smaller, younger trees are much easier to move, as their root systems aren't nearly as established as older trees.  However, if you have Tampa Tree Service doing the move, your Trees are in the Right hands, whatever their size.
Transplanting a tree has a significant effect on the tree, as you can imagine. There are times of the year when transplanting a tree is more opportune than other times. Your Free Assessment & Quote will give our Estimator the ability to examine your tree(s) and make the determination necessary for a smooth transplant. Generally, the more advance notice of the move and the new location that is possible ensures success. Getting the location prepared in its new environment must be carried out. Preparing your tree to be transplanted will probably involve some root preparation and trimming of branches to minimize shock. If the tree is more mature and sizable,  some larger tools and machinery may be required to get as much of the substantial root system as possible. As states, transplanting is a delicate, exacting process when done correctly. The benefits of your transplanted tree will be felt every time you go outdoors or see your tree through a window. Certain trees are like our children or pets-we want them along wherever we go!. You can have full confidence in Tampa Tree Service to get your Tree moved and re-established with white-glove precision!

As illustrated above-large trees may be transplanted-and Tampa Tree Service does it at an affordable price. Preparing the ground to receive the tree in its new environment is crucial as well as prepping the tree for its move by trimming branches and protecting roots. The first picture of the exposed root system show how extensive roots get-even on a smaller tree. During a transplant, some roots will be left behind, so trimming branches essentially is done to compensate for root loss. This is done to make the transition less stressful on your tree.
Smaller trees are easier to manage of course, and transplant very successfully as a rule. Our Certified Arborist will give you his expert and qualified opinion on any trees you are desiring to plant or have transplanted. We look forward to the privilege of serving You with all of your Tree Planting/Transplanting needs. Thank you!
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