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 Whatever the cause, treeTampa Tree Services can help beautify, care or remove undesired trees correctly and with a cost that is affordable. We are a tree service company that is insured, safe and well educated. Foresters we use are experienced tree cutters and trimmers that professionally prune and trim exactly the way you want. Our tree removal crews use all the newest and safest equipment when removing a tree from your home or place of business. Tampa, Florida has many types of beautiful trees that must be cared for if they are to survive. Proper tree services will keep your trees healthy and living longer during harsh weather conditions and disease attacks! We offer every type of tree-care related services from Tree Removal to Gutter Cleaning! Let Tampa Tree Service be your go-to company for all Tree Work. You will be happy with the results each time!
Emergency Services are available 24/7. Call 813-902-2599 for a live person to receive the emergency help you need.

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Tree Trimming & Pruning:
Tampa Tree Service knows that proper care and maintenance are necessary for your trees to keep looking their very best and remaining healthy. One of the crucial processes to be performed regularly is Tree Trimming and Pruning. These processes are closely related, but strictly speaking, have very different objectives.
For instance, Tree Trimming is done mainly for cosmetic reasons, sort of "tree grooming".  The attention is on the outer portion of the tree, removing most new growth of leaves and small branches-perhaps according to a design you have in mind. Tampa Tree Service Arborists, Foresters, and Certified Crew Members are quite knowledgeable with all Florida trees species and will assist you in determining how much trimming your tree needs and how often.
Tree Pruning, on the other hand, also consists of trimming, cutting, and removing branches, but is done primarily to remove damaged, diseased portions of a tree and prevent further spreading of the infestation, or, branches often become large and unwieldy, posing a danger of breaking and falling. This has led to injuries and property damage. Structurally unsound limbs need to be pruned for the health of the tree and safety of your family and neighbors.
Pruning is also performed to thin out the crown and allow increased air flow between branches, which promotes healthy trees and more chances of the tree surviving through high winds. Tampa Tree Service will come to your home or business, assess the condition and work needed, and provide a Free Quote for price and time involved we are sure you will be pleased with. Keep your trees at their beautiful, healthy best. Call Tampa Tree Service today to schedule your Free Assessment!





Tree Removal

Trees generally are a very welcome feature in a yard. Beauty, shade, the birdlife they attract, all serve to make our time outside more pleasant and enjoyable. Occasionally, however, a tree may need to be removed. Perhaps it was damaged by strong winds, or developed some type of infestation or disease, sometimes even things we do may inadvertently hurt our trees. Perhaps you are having a new structure built and a tree is just in the way. Whatever the reason, Tree Removal is permanent, so be sure to have Tampa Tree Service evaluate your tree to be sure it has to go before making the decision. Our Arborists and Foresters are very knowledgeable about all Florida trees and may know of ways to save a tree that is very sickly or provide some other alternative to removing it. If removal is deemed necessary, no other company has the experience and expertise at Tree Removal than Tampa Tree Service.
Quite a few different factors come into play when determining the cost of Tree Removal. This makes it vital to take advantage of our Free Estimate. No two Tree Removal jobs are exactly the same, so there really is no "standard removal fee." Some variables the Estimator will consider are: The complexity of the removal, the condition of the tree-Is it healthy or diseased?-a healthier tree is quite a bit more difficult to remove since it is still strong whereas a sick tree will be hollowed out, have dead, brittle branches, etc. Oaks are the strongest, toughest trees to remove so that will affect the price. Also, what is the height of the tree? A crane or other equipment may be required for a very tall tree. Some can be removed by cutting and lowering large limbs, or the whole tree may be felled at once if room permits. The diameter of the tree is another factor: Very wide trees are a more difficult removal as are trees damaged in a storm as they pose a potentially greater risk for the workers. As you can see, many conditions contribute to the ease or difficulty of a Tree Removal. At Tampa Tree Service, you will receive a realistic, reasonable quote for the work needed, plus have the peace of mind 40+ years in the business will bring you. Call Today to have your tree(s) assessed. Don't wait until an accident, injury, or property damage occurs!


Stump Grinding

No one wants stumps left in the ground after a tree has been removed. Besides being an eyesore and a nuisance (especially when it comes to mowing), they are also hazardous, causing many trips and falls. Among our wide range of Tree Care Services, Tampa Tree Service also will bring our expertise to your property when you have stumps that need removed. Again, there are variables to consider such as the amount of stumps to be ground. Perhaps you have bought land and have many stumps to be removed, or there may just be a few. The amount will affect which machinery our workers choose, as does the size of the stump. Some stump grinders are the approximate size of a lawn mower, while rugged, heavy-duty grinders can be as large as a truck!
When you schedule your Free Assessment and Quote, the Estimator will be able to determine which machine will be the most effective for your needs.
Stump grinding can be a difficult, frustrating, dangerous task if attempted by yourself. Let the Professional Arborists and Certified Workers with Tampa Tree Service perform this job for you. You will be pleased with the time involved, cost, and mostly, the improved appearance of your property once those stumps are gone! Call Tampa Tree Service today to begin the removal of your unsightly, hazardous tree stumps!


Free Estimates
Every project we undertake is unique, so there is no such thing as "one price fits all". Our Estimators will give you accurate, realistic prices for the work needed on your property. You can be confident you are getting the best service from the professionals at Tampa Tree Service-no job is too big or small-we service Commercial and Residential projects.

Tree Shaping is often required after hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, or ice storms break limbs, branches and tree tops. Trees are left looking unsightly, and also can be dangerous if damaged limbs are not removed. Shaping restores form and beauty to your tree and needs skilled artists at tree work to perform this function so no additional damage or structural problems are sustained.

Tree Thinning has several benefits. It involves taking weight off the top of the tree without "topping" it. This process allows winds to move more freely through branches, increasing the ability of the tree to remain standing during fierce weather. Large limbs also benefit by the increased sunlight that reaches them, allowing better nutrient absorption.

Debris Removal is also included in our range of services. we offer awesome, thorough debris removal after hurricanes and other weather devastates your property. Clearing your debris is a vital step to getting life back to normal. Let Tampa Tree Service provide this task for you safely, affordably, and efficiently.
Gutter Cleaning is also a service we provide. This job can be frustrating, time-consuming, and dangerous. Tampa Tree Service will take this hassle off your hands for a price you can afford.

Lot & Land Clearing
New construction or clearing land for future projects involves hours of tough labor. Tampa Tree Service will accomplish this task for you within your time frame and for a fair and reasonable price. The work will be done the way you want it, and our equipment is all environmentally friendly, so no damage will be done to remaining trees, shrubs, etc.
Tampa Tree Service provides these services and so much more. Call Today to get your Trees on their way to being their best ever forever1

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