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rees are just naturally loved and valued by most people. We choose property often by the appearance of trees on a particular site. We love their shade, beauty, and the birdlife they invite. On occasion, something happens and a tree or trees have to be removed. When this is necessary, Tampa Tree Service uses the latest equipment, techniques, and the most affordable prices around. We offer prices that we are mindful need to fit in a family's budget in today's economy. However, no two Tree Removal are exactly alike, so there is no "one price fits all". Tampa Tree Service offers Free Tree Assessments and Free Quotes so you can know before the work begins the cost, time needed, and what to expect during the process.

Tampa Tree Service employs  Arborists, Foresters, and Certified Crew Members for all work we undertake. Add to that over 40 years of experience throughout Florida and most of the southern United States, and you have the peace of mind that you have selected the Right company to care for all your trees' requirements. Our company is also fully insured, and safety-oriented first. You have found the company to turn to time and again to care for any and all of your tree care needs.
Tree Removal can be done in several different ways. The tree can be climbed and limbs and branches lowered down section by section. Trees can be felled in one piece. Cranes are used if the tree is in too tight of an area, or if the tree is too weak and brittle in sections to be safely climbed. During your Free Assessment, the Estimator will determine which process will best suit your circumstance.

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