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Just what is an Arborist, and why should you hire one?  If my trees are having problems do I Really need to have an Arborist, or just any tree company I run across on the Internet?  How will I know if I'm choosing the right company?
Likely, if you are considering having tree care work done, you have pondered these questions and more. Tampa Tree Service understands your concerns and believe this page will give you informative answers and confidence in making the best choices for your valuable trees.
An Arborist is a professional with intensive and extensive education in Arboriculture.  This is one who studies, manages, and cultivates trees, shrubs, and many other woody plants that grow year to year, or are what is called "perennial" Some have coined the term "tree surgeon", but the work of an Arborist is much wider and encompasses so much more than simply "trimming trees. Preserving and preventing the infestation of insects and diseases in trees and shrubs are incorporated in the vast area of activities of an Arborist. Their primary objective is the health and protection of individual trees and other plant life, rather than entire forests. Our Arborists at Tampa Tree Service are well-versed in every facet of Tree Health and care. Some of the services we offer and specialize in are:
  • Tree Planting
  • Tree Transplanting
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Cutting & Shaping
  • Tree Cabling
  • Tree Fertilization & Spraying
  • Preventative Treatment Against Insect Infestations
  • Preventative Measures against Tree Diseases
  • Diagnosing & Curing Tree Diseases
  • Diagnosing & Curing Insect Infestation
  • 24 Hour Emergency Tree Service
  • Soil Analysis & Soil Aeration
  • Bio Root Barrier Installation
  • Root Collar Excavation
  • Tree Removal
  • Identifying and removal of Hazardous Vegetation and Weeds,
  • Removal of Invasive Perennial Species of Plants
Other Services our Certified Tree Care crews provide are:
  • Lot & Land Clearing
  • Stump Grinding
  • Storm Cleanup

The work of an Arborist involves a wide range of functions, and not all Arborists do every activity in the spectrum. Some Arborists work mostly around utilities, ensuring cables and trees do not conflict. Other Arborists give evidence in legal situations, write reports, or work as consultants. Tampa Tree Service Arborists are extremely "hands on", being involved in all physical aspects of the work. Their work can involve large, complicated trees, young trees, a few trees on a small lot, or heavily wooded acres on a Commercial or Residential site.  They have years of training, experience, and knowledge of their craft. Safety and efficiency in the tree and around trees is also of the utmost importance. As you can imagine, quite a few aspects of Tree Care can be extremely dangerous. Below, full safety gear is donned for every tree job-providing our Certified Arborists and Tree Care workers the latest technology in safety equipment, methods, and training.  Tampa Tree Service approaches each aspect of our work  engaging the strictest standards for our clients and crews to ensure every possible hazard and danger are guarded against stringently! This level of dedication is evident in each detail, large or small, of our work at Tampa Tree Service.


Knowing where and how to trim a tree are essential. Improper cutting on a tree will interfere with the natural growth process and quite possibly kill your tree!

Removing specific branches that are weak or damaged will give your tree better structure, making your tree more able to resist strong winds.

Tampa Tree Service Arborists are Certified Arborists.  IN the U.S., three years of verified, documented service is required, plus passing the intensive test from the the International Society of Arboriculture. We are fully insured and naturally are above compliance with all State Safety and Health Regulations. Tampa Tree Service has decades of Tree Care in the Tampa area. This wealth of knowledge and familiarity with all Florida tree and shrub species is essential to care for our natural resources properly! They have continued ongoing education, compiling research, and continually perfecting the science of Arboriculture. Our Arborists are quite conversant with the varied and diverse diseases and insect threats facing our trees' life and health. Our company is dedicated to finding answers, solutions and prevention methods to all of our beautiful Tampa trees and shrubbery issues. A thriving, healthy environment is just one of the many benefits of keeping and maintaining the health and vigor of your Trees.
Everyone knows the beauty and welcome shade of mature tree on your property. Not only are they visually pleasing, but can also add significant value to your property-15%or more! Your home is probably the largest investment you will make. Taking diligent care of the trees and shrubs on your Residential or Commercial site makes good sense environmentally and financially. Tampa Tree Service has attained an impeccable reputation over the years and we are truly proud of it and strive to excel at any job we take on.
Our Tampa Tree Service Arborists  find solutions for situations that  may seem very formidable. For instance, in urban areas trees are severely disadvantaged. Their natural setting is in a forest, where all the nutritional and ecological functions occur in that setting, not needing help from humans, as a rule. The Urban tree has sidewalks, driveways, structures, overhead wires, roads, lawns, and other obstructions to its survival. Within a city or neighborhood blocks, you are likely to see trees struggling to catch their needed share of nutrients and water. Those cracked sidewalks and large roots coming from the ground are the trees' attempt to "breathe" and get food to send through the rest of the tree for survival, as one example of the situations trees need help with. Trees are reliant on us as we are on them, providing us with oxygen they expel and absorbing carbon dioxide. Out of their natural setting, they need people to ensure they are first, planted in the optimum location, have sufficient room to branch out and grow, fight off diseases and insect infestations. Failure to maintain and improve the health of your trees is a loss environmentally, and will decrease value of a property.
Tampa Tree Service provides Free Estimates. If you suspect something is wrong with your trees or shrubbery, call us tohave your Free Assessment scheduled. Our Estimator will thoroughly examine your trees, ascertaining what the problem(s) are , and how best to resolve them in order get your trees back to vigorous health.  If damage is too severe, removing the the tree is occasionally the best course. This action is sometimes necessary to protect other trees, as diseases can be spread through the complex tree root system.
A tree may also need to be eradicated if it:
  • Is crowding out or harming other trees
  • is dead or dying
  • is extremely hazardous for various reasons
  • is causing an obstruction which is not able to be helped through trimming
  • is being replaced by a species more suited to the area

The citrus trees below were all in serious trouble. Unfortunately, only one tree is still sickly since the trees on the right have lost their battle. The only real solution is to have these trees removed. The dying leaves on the tree on the left give evidence of a very sickly tree, but one which may possibly be saved by an experienced, knowledgeable Arborist.  The time to call and get aid to your valuable trees is when you first begin noticing signs of something not quite right. Tampa Tree Service Arborists excel at diagnosing and treating diseased or insect infested trees. In fact, there is no species of trees in Florida, or most of the United States we can't care for, treat properly, prune, shape, revive, revitalize, strengthen, or, as a last resort, remove when necessary. Tampa Tree Service are the ones you want taking of your trees and shrubs throughout your property. We provide every service a tree may be in need of, have the highest ratings in Customer Service, Quality, and Affordable prices, beginning with our very first visit-Your Free Evaluation & Quote!

Peach tree with problems

Dead citrus
This beautiful, mature tree pictured here is having its magnificent limbs protected by the Cabling process. These cables are strategically located through vulnerable areas of the tree. Limbs are given strength to resist breakage, avoid obstructing anything,and are better equipped for onslaughts of heavy, sustained winds. Cabling allows high winds to move freely through the tree, rather than buffet it constantly head on. Arborists use this safe, effective process on trees that are historic, or  a city group or single family, depending on the circumstance, simply want it to be preserved for all to enjoy the extreme, remarkable beautiful of these types of trees.

Tree Cabling

These are two prime examples of the struggle trees have in urban and suburban environments. Paved roads, concrete sidewalks and retaining walls are nice features of modern living we rely on and expect. Watch any western, medieval, or any pre-pavement show and how thankful we are not to have to deal with the mud, unsanitary conditions, and just plain aggravation of walking and travel in earlier times. We all love the amenities of modern life, but we all love and value our trees as well. Both are expensive to replace and add substantial value to our home or business property. So, how can this dilemma be reconciled?
Trees must have soil that is loose enough and moist enough to sustain its growth and health. Roots of a tree are going to push through soil as any plant does while growing. As the soil is being contracted and shoved against by relentless roots with no where else to go, cracks and breakage of the walks and also roadways are inevitable to occur and costly to repair. Buttress roots support the tree and are incredibly strong-causing much severe damage. Growing roots continue on their struggle to get air and nutrients by heading to cracks in sidewalks which is why they are commonly seen coming through areas where the things they need are the most accessible.
At this point, some action must be taken. An Arborist with Tampa Tree Service is very familiar with this situation.  As with all aspects of Tree Care, no one solution solves every problem. For instance, what is the condition of the tree whose roots are causing the problem? If the tree is not in good condition, it will only get worse and become even more dangerous. In this instance, Tree Removal is likely advised. Then the sidewalk can be replaced or repaired.
Some techniques to try to have the tree and sidewalk co-exist are used successfully in the situation. Your Estimator will present the best options during your Free Assessment. If you are wanting to have some new trees planted, our Arborists possess invaluable advice on what type trees, where they should be placed, and how much space they require when mature. Naturally avoiding the tree-structure problem is the best way to go. Tampa Tree Service Arborists will explain the trees most suited to your lawn size and layout, giving your trees the most room for future growth unhampered by concrete, pavement, etc. Call the Arborists who care and   have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to transform and boost your trees and shrubbery to their most robust, beautiful condition ever!

Tampa Tree Service covers most every area of Florida, including zip codes:
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If you don't see your zip, call us anyway. We cover a very extensive area and look forward to your call. Thank You!

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