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Trees provide us with countless benefits.  Beauty, shade, bird songs, fruits, nuts, in fact, the very oxygen we breathe is emitted from trees, and carbon dioxide is cleared from our environment by trees. So you could say, or lives are dependent on the health of our trees to a large extent. Trees in our yards and neighborhoods, and in urban settings depend on us to get the nutrients and water they require to remain healthy. Trees are a vital feature of our environment and we do well to take care of them, as they take good care of us.
However, trees face more threats from the environment than there are species of trees!  Our trees are vulnerable to an enormous range of diseases, insect infestations, storm damage,and lack of care in many areas.
 Have you noticed unusual  things occurring with your trees? If you suspect your trees are being damaged, these are some possible causes:

  • Mushroom fungi growing around the tree
  • Sawdust chips at the base and visible roots
  • Hollow or sickly-looking areas on the tree
  • Dead limbs and broken tops
  • Discoloration of branches, leaves, and roots
  • Cracks at the tree base or on limbs
  • Cavities on the tree.

Root Rot
Oak Wilt
Varied Fungi
All Crippling to Our Trees

Boring this peach tree to death
Diseases threatening stately Oak trees are also prevalent. One of the most lethal is Oak Wilt. The spore of this fungus in actually transmitted to the tree by wood-boring beetles. This disease may also be spread through the extensive root systems in Oaks.
Anthracnose is the name given for groups of closely related fungi which attack many of the most desirable shade trees. It is most frequently found in Oaks, Elms, Dogwoods, and Maples.  Maple Wilt is a serious disease also caused by fungus-soil-borne in this case. 
As mentioned, the types and varieties of enemies of our vital trees is long and formidable.
Just as each species of trees are unique, their treatments and needs vary as well. Tampa Tree Service Arborists and Certified tree care workers have dedicated themselves to the acquiring of necessary knowledge of and treatment of these diseases and insects. You can confidently let these skillful, learned professionals care for what is ailing your trees. The problem will be quickly diagnosed and treatment or removal will be done promptly to save remaining trees.

Cavity in Pines
Not a Good Sign

Pine Bark Beetle
Size of Rice Grain
Devastating to Pine Trees

Keep Your Trees Healthy and Beautiful
Call Tampa Tree Service

Diseased citrus tree
Salvageable or not?

Tree Uncared For

There are a diverse variety of Pine trees, for instance, and many insects love to burrow into them. The Pine Bark Beetle, as one example, have been capable of eradicating forests of pines in a very short time. These insects are barely the size of a grain of rice, but what they lack in size, they more than compensate for in sheer volume! Their mouths are developed in such a way that they are just right for chewing voraciously. When untreated these Beetles make waste areas of once strong, healthy Pine Trees. Pine Bark Beetles leave behind formations of yellowish-white pitch resembling popcorn, reddish dust in bark crevices, and adult beetles leave a blue stain fungus. And this is only one insect threatening Tree Health!

Beetles, borers, aphids, various worms, the list is almost endless! These enemies of our trees leave them with root rot, blights, ugly, malformed leaves, sparse, inedible fruit and nuts, and many other ailments which generally result in the death of a tree. Just a a beautiful, healthy adds value to a property, a sickly, diseased or dying tree does much to detract from the value of properties, aesthetically and financially. Your home and property, landscaping and trees are generally the most costly purchases we make. It only makes good sense to treat and care for our outdoor investments as we do our homes and inside surroundings.
If any of these problems seem apparent on your trees, the sooner you call Tampa Tree Service, the better chance your trees have of surviving their attack. The wise course is to schedule an appointment with one of our Arborists for a Free Inspection of your trees, and a Free Quote. We offer this valuable feature so you know exactly what is ailing your trees, what steps are required to heal the tree(s), or if it is too far gone, removing it so as to prevent spreading to other trees the disease or insects may not have affected yet .Tampa Tree Service has custom Removal services that will match your needs and your budget!

If after your trees are inspected, your Arborists is able to nurse the tree back to health, and that is the course you desire, this tree and others on your property ideally need to be pruned as well as treated. All dead, or damaged branches should be removed immediately.  This action goes a long way to preventing tree diseases and insect vulnerability. Don't wait until it may be too late. Call Tampa Tree Service at the first signs of distress your trees exhibit. You will receive the highest quality, best service, and budget-friendly prices available. Call Today! Thank you.

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