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Residents of the "Sunshine State" know what it's like when the sun takes a break from our beautiful state! Severe storms and hurricanes make their unpleasant, dangerous way here throughout most summers. It's no surprise as we live on coastal waters, but these storms of course wreak havoc on our homes, businesses, and trees. Flooding, lightning, and even some accidents caused by humans can destroy our trees and ruin landscapes.
Tampa Tree Service understands how disruptive these situations are when weather especially has turned our neighborhoods into something resembling bomb sites! When you have an Emergency develop concerning your trees falling, breaking, being uprooted by strong winds, struck by lightning, or anything else, you need a company prompt and efficient. We are just a phone call away and have  Customer Service operators taking Emergency calls 24/7.

We have emergency service teams at the ready who will arrive promptly and take control of the damaged areas right away-doing what is necessary to secure your home from any damage (or further damage.)  Your Estimator will then assess the situation of your tree(s) and make the best decisions on whether trees can be saved and just have broken large limbs removed, or if the entire tree should be eradicated. In many cases, the weather has already made that decision-many species of trees that have wide-spreading roots rather than deep roots-are much easier to uproot in strong winds and cause serious damage as you see pictured above. Many Pine species have deep roots which stay in the ground, but their tendency is to snap and break rather than uproot. Either way, your Estimator will
discuss with you all available options.

Tree Removal is the most dangerous aspect of Tree Care. It should never be attempted by homeowners with some friends. Each year there are far too many cases of people being injured or worse attempting to remove large, damaged branches, or entire trees themselves. There are so many variables involved that Tree Removal is much better left to well-established professionals like the Arborists and Certified Crew members with Tampa Tree Service.
There is no "one price fits all" in an Emergency Tree Removal. No two incidents are exactly the same which is why we offer our customers a Free Quote. Our Estimator will openly discuss with you all the details of work needing done-explaining what each process is, the amount of time needed for the job-and your price. It is important for you to know that nothing will be done on your property until you are clear on the work and cost completely. Our easy-to-read contract covers any and all options. We offer varying levels of service. For instance:

  • Will you want stumps ground and removed?
  • Will you want any wood cut for firewood
  • Will the debris be cleared and taken away?

Making sure you are clear on these and any other questions will leave no room for any surprises later. Tampa Tree Service has a goal of keeping our customers for life-through all your tree and Landscape needs. Therefore, building your trust and confidence in our quality of work and our work ethics is of utmost importance to all of us.

Tree Removals are done with or without extra heavy equipment such as bucket trucks and cranes. Again, what type of equipment is necessary will depend on the circumstances of each tree. As you can imagine no two storm systems or hurricanes do the exact same level of destruction, therefore, we do not lure customers with a flat price and then switch the price to something higher once work has started. That type of unprofessional behavior is simply not how we operate. Real factors that will help the Estimator calculate what is needed for your unique situation are:
  • The condition of the tree. Can it be climbed, for instance?
  • How large is the tree?
  • What is the proximity to other trees or structures?
Of course, there are other variables that may affect your surroundings as well. These are a few of the most common factors when determining cost of a project. Safety is always the number one priority in a tree removal. Tampa Tree Service never compromises or performs unsafe, shoddy work. We value the trust you have put in us and take the utmost care in keeping  everyone safe and your property protected from any further damage. If the tree is smaller and can be climbed, then no heavy equipment would need to be used. Our Arborist will ascend your tree removing some branches as he scales the tree. He will cut remaining larger branches as he descends the tree. When he reaches a level where the tree can be felled safely, usually a few feet from the ground, he will fell the tree after making sure the area is large enough to accommodate the tree and nothing will be in its path. Then the tree will be cut further and hauled away or whatever prior arrangements you have decided on.

Tree Removals which require the use of heavy machinery will of necessity, cost more. The degree of difficulty in reaching the tree, other trees or even homes or buildings in the path of the tree(s) all require the precision and attention of a highly skilled team of experts. However, Tampa Tree Service customers are quite pleasantly surprised at the affordability of our services. As stated previously, all costs are understood and agreed on before the work starts-putting everyone on the same page. You also have the peace of mind and confidence knowing that you have the most superior teams available bringing their best to you-every time!

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