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  • certified arborsit in Tampa
  • arborist consulting & evaluations
  • tree trimming, removal & pruning
  • regular tree care maintenance
  • detailed tree pruning services
  • shrub, tree & plant health care
  • root barriers, bio barriers installed
  • tree planting, sales & purchases
  • emergency tree removal & arborist
  • sick, diseased and infected tree care
  • tree diagnoses, treatment and evals
  • tree injections, deep root tree feeding
  • tree fertilizing, soil testing & soil extract
  • root collar excavation services
  • land clearing, residential lot clearing
  • commercial tree services & arborists
  • tree bracing, cabling & roping
  • stump removal & grinding
  • tree debris hauled & grinded/chipped

Well-established tree care companies should be registered with the state of Florida, fully insured, and certified. Tampa Tree Service naturally meets these criteria. We also have a superior reputation-online, and will provide references from however many reputable sources you want to see. We are proud of our company and you can be confident trusting us to do the job safely, in a timely manner, and affordably for any budget.

We have properly-trained
arborists involved with each project we undertake. This means they have passed specific exams and spent enough years learning the tree care world thoroughly. To Tampa Tree Service, though, we seek arborists and foresters who are at the top of their game and always learning more. They are dedicated to the important work they provide and passionate about caring for our vital trees. These valuable professionals diagnose illnesses, pest invasions, and have the necessary knowledge to care for your trees, or acres and forests full of trees!

My Trees Need Help!
or most of us, we can recognize that something is ailing our trees, but we probably don't know what, or how to deal with it, so we need to search for the right tree care company.

Some questions and tips to keep in mind during this process

Most Important:

What are the qualifications of a well-established tree service company in the Tampa area?
How will I know if a tree needs trimmed or removed?
How long does tree removal take?
Is there a correct time of year to trim a tree?
What is involved in the cost of tree removal?
Is there a price difference if the debris is left or hauled off?
Should I ever pay any money upfront?

Tampa Tree Service knows the questions you have. It is vital in today's economy to hire a Tree Service company that provides the best service and quality work for your money.

Tampa Tree Service

Tampa Tree Service is a fully insured and certified tree care company, family owned and operated for well over three decades in the Tampa area, throughout Florida, and quite a large portion of the southeastern United States. We specialize in all facets of Tree Care including, but not limited to:

Tree Trimming & Pruning - Raise Canopy, Clean-out Inside Growth, Remove Dead Branches, Suckers & Dieback.

Tree Shaping & Cutting - To Guide Direction & Growth Structure

Tree Removal - Removing Dangerous, Dead, Large, Complex & Unwanted Trees

Emergency Tree Services
 - 24/7

Stump Grinding - Grind, Pull, Uproot & Grinded

Tree Planting - Replace A Tree, Transplant & Straighten Trees

Spraying & Fertilization - Help Promote Growth & Preserve Trees

Lot Clearing & Debris Removal - Remove Underbrush, Old Fallen Trees, Logs, Sticks & Branches From A Property.

Best of all, we only employ arborists, foresters, and certified crew members who are well-versed is every aspect of tree species and tree care. In short, you have found the very best hands to entrust your valuable trees to. It is our family business and legacy. Tampa Tree Service is proud to offer free visual assessments and quotes for any job you may require. This is very vital in today's economy where money must be spent wisely and quality is guaranteed.

Tampa Tree Service is the right choice for your trees and property because we bring decades of hands-on experience to every job. Our arborists and team members will work with you to decide what should be trimmed, pruned, removed, according to your needs and desires. Our crews are also extremely dedicated and passionate about their work and you will notice this in every branch we trim! Tree care crews are abundant and many are not properly qualified. Do not entrust your trees to a less experienced, indifferent company. Improper tree care can make a healthy tree sick or interfere with natural growth functions for years to come. Wrong treatment methods can also easily kill your valuable trees. Our extensively and intensively trained crews recognize exactly what is ailing your trees and the proper methods for restoring health or removal if necessary.

Affordable Tampa Tree Service - Use our professional tree cutting and tree care service in Tampa, Florida area if you  need a safe, educated and dependable tree service. We have been a helpful and unmatched company in all areas of tree services in Tampa, FL for over 3 decades. The tree cutters and tree trimmers we use are insured, knowledgeable and  have the proper experience in tree removal services, tree trimming, tree pruning and tree care for residential homeowners, commercial businesses and construction site projects. Unless you have a huge Commercial project, generally paid off in sections, you pay us after the work is finished and approved by you!

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How can I determine if I need a tree removal Tampa service or a certified tree trimming crew for my trees? That's easy! Phone us today and we will send a certified tree care specialist to help evaluate your trees condition, and overlook your landscape, FOR FREE! In this process we will help you decide what proper tree trimming needs can be done to improve the outlook and health of your trees or discuss why a tree needs to be removed for safety reasons as well as provide an affordable price for you tree cutting needs. Various factors affect time needed and price of tree removal

What is the condition of the tree-Can it be climbed or not?
What is the Proximity to other trees or structures?
Does the tree need lowered limb by limb?
Can it be felled at once?

During your Free Assessment, the Estimator will discuss all factors with you-as well as other services-such as debris removal-before he arrives at a time and price. You will be aware of all involved, so there will be no unpleasant surprise fees later.

Our Tampa Tree Services are known to be an expert tree company that can safely and properly remove dead, complex and hazardous trees quickly and affordably. Experienced tree removal crews from our tree cutting company use special tree eradication techniques with roping strategies that can lower limbs, logs and tree debris safely from over your home, landscape or commercial building. Protecting your surrounding trees, wooded forest areas, vegetation, shrubs and plant life is important to your property and the apperance. Trees help beautify a home, commercial site or place of business and they can raise the property value if maintained correctly.

With our tree trimming Tampa, FL services you can be assured that your trees, shrubs, bushes and hedges will be trimmed, pruned or cared for correctly. Spring, Fall, and Winter are the optimal seasons for Tree Trimming, but in the summer, trees can be trimmed up to 30%, but need plenty of watering afterward. They will receive the best tree preserving or cutting procedures a professional arborist tree service can provide. Covering all phases of trimming and pruning techniques, Tampa tree trimming services will help embrace all the beauty a tree can produce with our systematic approach for each tree!

Our impeccable arborist Tampa, Florida services can preserve any tree or shrub and help keep them flourishing for years and years. How fast are we able to respond to your tree evaluation? Quickly and sometimes with same day services! Trees that are in distress need to be treated swiftly so it has a better chance of survival. We use methods that we have cultivated in the past 30 years that will save, beautify, treat, cure or remove a tree properly and  at a low cost you can afford!

Dead Trees Cut * Lot Clearing * Trees Pruned * Debris Removed * Stumps Grinded
Tree Cutting * Emergency Tree Services * Land Cleared * Trees Trimmed & Care

We Will Beat Any Legal and Insured Tree Company!

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Affordable Tree Service In Tampa!

Tree Care Service
  • Arborist Tree Services
    Dangerous Tree Removal
  • Branches & Limbs Cut
  • Tree Fertilizing
  • Trim & Care For Palms
  • Form Correct Tree Growth

Proper tree care will preserve your trees and keep Tampa looking beautiful also. The large Oak trees above have been appropriately trimmed and maintained for over a half of century. Removing dead branches, cutting out sucker growth and deep root fertilizing are essential for old and mature trees.

 - Tree Beautification
 - Arborist Over-Look
 - Professional Tree Experts
Safe, Fast & Affordable

Tampa Tree Service

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Tree Topping-A Bad Practice

One of the most harmful, yet still practiced ,pruning techniques, is the "topping" of a tree. This is the process used in reducing a trees' height by randomly cutting off main branches of a tree down to a stub.

Homeowners or business owners may feel a tree has grown too large-or a tree may become too large for the area it is in, so "topping", or "heading" is done. This practice does so much harm to our trees, including, immediate food loss from the 50-100% of a trees' leaf-bearing crown. Essentially, the tree spends the rest of its life trying to recover from the amputating. Numerous weak, bushy branches sprout near the wound and grow quickly-bad because they have no strength and easily break. Topping leaves a tree open to disease and insect infestation, and it simply looks ugly, stark and actually are counted as a deficit in home property value.

There are other options to reduce a tree size. Small branches can be removed to their original growing spot. Larger branches can be cut back to a lateral branch large enough to assume the terminal role. Or, consider avoiding the hassle, have the tree removed if it truly needs to be smaller, and perhaps plant a more accommodating size tree species.

Living in Florida, we are all too familiar with the devastation tornadoes, hurricanes, and extreme thunderstorms can inflict upon our property and how harrowing that entire experience is. It is imperative to have a trusted Tree Care company to take on the work safely and efficiently.  Intense, sustained winds and flying debris are conditions we unfortunately deal with often. Each storm is another terrifying ordeal and the aftermath is quite shocking. Tampa Tree Service will be there when you need us in an Emergency situation at 813-902-2599.

Many people are injured or killed each year attempting to cut and remove large, wind-damaged limbs and branches themselves. Tree Removal is by far the most dangerous aspect of tree service. Never attempt this dangerous work unless you are a certified tree care worker. The possible end result is simply not worth the risk.

Our Crews will be there promptly to look over your property and assess possible removals and determine what can be saved. People naturally wonder how long the Tree Removal will take. Many factors influence the time needed: The actual condition of the tree(s). Can they be climbed?, for example. What is the proximity to other trees or structures? Is the current weather stable enough for work to commence?, to name a few. Our Estimator will carefully examine all aspects and arrive at a reasonable time needed and a fair price that you will be pleased with. We never skimp of service, so while our workers are efficient, proficient, and top-notch, quality and your satisfaction are our uppermost priorities. Any hazardous or threatening limbs, branches, etc., will be handled immediately, of course.

Tampa Tree Service

Have this number handy along with your other emergency supplies!


Emergency Tree Removal Services

Tampa Tree Service will quickly and efficiently get your property back in shape after a traumatic weather episode. You will be able to leave it in our hands and focus on the upside-the safety of yourself and your family! We will first remove any threatening limbs and branches, get any parts of a tree off your home and property, remove the tree(s) if necessary, and thoroughly cleanup all debris from your home and yard. Your property will be restored and ready to resume normal activities.

In addition to weather issues, other factors that are threatening to the health of our trees are: Climate-90% of a trees' nutrients come from the atmosphere, not the soil, lack of water, soil deficiencies, and certain insect infestations.  Tree Spraying & Fertilization will keep your trees at their healthy, beautiful best! Tampa Tree Service knows the correct formulas and treatments to restore a tree to health if possible, or remove a dead tree if necessary.
Signs of sickness in a tree are covered fully on the service page-but infected-looking leaves, brittle, breaking branches, mushroom-appearing fungi-are some things to look for if you suspect your tree is sickly

Taking care of your trees ensures decades of shade and beauty in your yard.

 Tampa Tree Service has on-call staff 24/7. If you need us in an emergency-we will be there promptly. Call now to schedule your Free Assessment and Free Quote. You'll be glad you're taking those first steps to creating property that will increase the beauty of your surroundings, your family's pleasure, not to mention the value of your property!

  Tampa Tree Service


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